Saturday, March 14, 2009

Was Full of Disappointments Yesterday!!!

I was quite happy when last Saturday one of our Angolan cleaning ladies realized that I was pregnant, she came and spoken to me. I said to her, I need medicines to secure my baby! She said why don't you ask our Angolan doctor to go with you to a Korean OB-Gyne in their local town. I was totally stunned and with full of happiness, that despite of my situation, there's still a way to safeguard my baby. I thanked God and did see my hubby straight away if we could both arranged if visiting this Korean lady in Cafunfo town.

Which we duly did yesterday, and we managed to get authorization to get out of the camp and headed straight to their local hospital to see our Angola doctor first! He then made a corresponding request to see her ASAP! His Angolan nurse came back said, "SHE WAS BUSY" and she was attending something very important!!!.. He then phoned her, and I was disappointed even more especially when we learned that she won't be available until further advise... huhuhuhu...

We then directed to another doctor - another useless one! I was so frustrated - that why on earth he had to bring me to another doctor who has no idea about pregnancy whatsoever!! He happened to be the HOSPITAL DIRECTOR, then what are we doing here? (first thing came to my mind)... hubby said to hang on... He asked me some questions, for file purposes while our Angolan nurse was preparing the bed!!! Then this director stood up, went outside to get a pair of GLOVES??? Because he wanted to check how my ovary was or uterus whatever that was!!! The moment I saw it, I SAID NO NO NO NO NO! Nobody can touch me..... I said to hubby please honey stop him, I don't need this!


Then hubby explained that we don't came here for him to check, for any laboratory nor physical check ups - ALL WE NEEDED IS A PROPER OB-GYNE to give me a prescription for me to take for my BABY SECURITY and PRENATAL VITAMINS! I really cried..... The same doctor then wrote another in a piece of paper for a laboratory examinations to be made - MY BLOOD and URINE? They wanted to make sure if I don't have any infections, I said fine but where is the laboratory? We drove down to see another clinic and what shocked me as soon as we got in.......

OUR TOILET IS MUCH BETTER AND MUCH CLEANER THAN THEIR LABORATORY!!! I nearly walked out and wanted to scream.... huhuhuhu...thanks God hubby was there to give me moral support, that he had to keep on telling me that WE ARE IN ANGOLA, THERE'S NO WAY WE CAN DO MORE.... huhuhuhuhu... He took some blood, tested for some reason but he said I WAS NEGATIVE OF ANY INFECTION! I didn't trust it, nor believed that I needed these,,,,,,,, I was even more stressful!!!!

It was passed 12 noon already, he advised us to see our doctor again but WE DID NOT!! We decided to come back to the camp straight away. Hopefully sometime this week, we could be able to get hold of this KOREAN OB-GYNE, otherwise, will insist to be taken down to LUANDA or TO LOOSE OUR BABY AGAIN... Please I need your prayers....

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