Sunday, March 22, 2009

Managed To Get A Medical Appointment At Last!

As you know that hubby has been working abroad for at least 10 years now, so he is not updated with their medical support matters. We did phone the Surgery clinic, and advised us both to go and see her, which we did! It was 2 weeks ago. Then we only managed to see her at the beginning of last week. We then given forms (1 set each), to register for their record purposes, and after 3 days we got mails containing their confirmation that we are now in their database and just to get a medical appointment through phone or visit them.

Our main concern was, if I will get a free medical services the fact that I am not a resident yet nor applied for my "Indefinite Leave to Remain", meaning we were worried to have not been qualified. Talking about my visa, we are going to apply as soon as I am okay or safe to travel up to London, to go backwards and forwards to comply my application.

Anyway, we decided to see them last Friday! Good news!!! They said that they are not fuzzy about red tapes, in short, they don't require any documentation to testify my identity (allien) lol, here in the UK. Meaning I was accepted and open to be given free medical services too.... Thanks God for this news...

We managed to get a slot for this coming Friday only - for general check ups... What about seeing a Midwife? She was fully booked, and not free until first week of April.

Hubby explained my case, and they thought I needed to be checked soon! So they have arranged themselves for me to see her tomorrow! This is another good news, from there we don't know if I will my baby scanned or if to see her/him through ultrasound.

It not we are going to arrange ourselves for a scan from a private one, the main thing is, I get to be checked soon, to see the condition of my baby...


Maus said...

hirap nga ng maging alien hehehe
but malalampasan mo yan madz taga dyan asawa mo dont long as may visa ka na din to stay in london..perfect na yan..regarding ultra sound dapat ma ultrasound ka na din kc i started that process at my 6 weeks until now-two times a month ultra sound nila sakin.

Kev said... medical treatment without the need for documentation for you (alien :)). That's so nice of them.

By the way, do you now live in the Philippines or UK? I'm confused. And your husband is working abroad?

marifen said...

yup, it is free here, even if your just a tourist :) Also when your preganant they will offer you a maternity certificate, free na dayon medecines, Dental, and eye check. Ask about it sa midwife :)

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