Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Baby Girl's 4D Scan at 31 Weeks...

Just a night before my husband left for Angola, we've managed to book a 4D scan to see our baby! It was the most wonderful bond we've ever had with our baby (even before birth).. Feels so amazing...

Sharing the photos with you is my great pleasure, as a very proud mum! We gonna be seeing her in a few weeks time, about 7 weeks!, can't really wait...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Am 30 Weeks Pregnant - This Is What My Baby Looks Like!

At this stage my baby's lungs and digestive tract are almost fully developed. While baby may soon slow up growing in length, (he measures about 15.7 inches/ 40 centimetres from crown to toe by now), he will continue to gain weight until he's born.

This week baby continues to open and shut his eyes. He can probably see what's going on in utero, distinguish light from dark and even track a light source. If you shine a light on your stomach, your baby may move his head to follow the light or even reach out to touch the moving glow. Some researchers think baring your stomach to light stimulates visual development. But don't expect 20/20 vision when your baby is born -- newborns can see a distance of only about 8 to 12 inches/ 20 to 30 centimetres. (Children with normal vision don't reach 20/20 vision until about age 7 to 9.) To complete the picture, baby now has eyebrows and eyelashes.

A pint and a half/ around a litre of amniotic fluid now surrounds the baby but that volume decreases as he gets bigger and has less room in your uterus. As you and the baby continue to grow, don't be alarmed if you feel
breathless, as if you can't get enough air; it's just your uterus pressing against your diaphragm. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. At about 34 weeks (or just before birth, if this is your second or third pregnancy), baby's head will move down into your pelvis as the baby gets into the right position for birth. That will make breathing and eating a lot easier.

Source: Baby Centre UK

Creatine Supplements - The Muscle Builder

Creatine is one of the most popular sports supplements on the market and is used by bodybuilders, athletes, sportsmen and women alike. It is a compound made naturally in our bodies as an energy replenisher, it is manufactured in the liver, kidneys and pancreas and secreted into blood for transport to muscle (amongst other) tissues.

The process of taking creatine supplements enables the muscle cells to become hydrated, which in turn leads to a faster synthesizing of protein by the muscles, with the overall effect being that of increased strength and energy. This enables the person taking the supplement to be able to work out longer, build lean muscle which furthermore results in the loss of unwanted fat.

Unfinished Baby's Room

Just this afternoon, my super excited husband had managed to finished putting up the covings in our baby's room and finishing them with paints. Soon after, we both started placing the wall canvas, and The Farm border but haven't got a round to put all the stickers yet and some other decorations. This is what her unfinished room looks like!
A SOFT LIME (light green) and HAPPY DAZE (bright yellow) color motif. We're going to place her moses basket, crib and the cotbed maybe two weeks before her due!

Human Touch Massage Chairs for Healthy Living

Being 30 weeks pregnant, back pains have becoming a daily recurrence. I am aware that back pain is very common in pregnancy as pregnancy hormones relax joints, ligaments and muscles and the increasing weight also adds to the problem, especially as it is natural to push our bumps forwards which puts greater strain on our back. It has really never been easy for me to deal with back pains from the first time I'd experienced it, until I realized to do some exercise to help.

In fact, in some stage my husband and I have thought of buying a massage chair or anything that can help to ease the pains. Massage Chairs apparently are good in providing back pain relief and combine high-tech massage technology and undeniable style.

The Human Touch massage chair technology closely mimics known therapeutic massage techniques used by spinal and back care professionals. These techniques include:
  • Compression that feels like hands pushing firmly on your muscles along the side of your spine and in towards the spine itself.
  • Kneading, this mimics the feel of thumbs pressing firmly on both sides of your spine while moving in circular motions
  • Rolling which is the gentle motion of pressing firmly on one side of the spine and then the other.
  • Percussion feels like fists or the edge of the hands quickly tapping on back muscles.

Another great thing about a Human Touch massage chair, is that it really is a whole body experience. Not only does your back get massaged, but your calves and feet as well.

Monday, July 13, 2009

We've Got Our Travel System, Cotbed and Mattress Today

We've finally received our order from BabiesRUs today! Apparently, we have now all the accessories, bedding and materials needed for our baby's arrival. ALL COMPLETE!! Well, except putting decorations on baby's room wall, other than that, no worries at all...

Turbocharger for a Faster Ride!

The topic of turbochargers usually comes up when people talk about car racing or high-performance sports cars. Now the question is, can we actually upgrade our normal car engines into a high speed engine? The answer is YES, for as long as the turbocharger fits into the engine. Therefore, if you ever want to upgrade your cars, just visit Turbochargerpros to find the perfect turbocharger for your ride.

Whether you're looking for a Volkswagen turbocharger and or any other model, Turbochargerpros have all the units in stock.

Apparently, I have learned that turbocharger increases the power output of an engine while surviving extreme operating condition or boosts pressure that increases the manifold pressure in the intake path. This is what you ever need to turbocharger your ride! Why not go for it then...

I've Been Experiencing Lower Back Pains, Have Found this Natural Remedy

Back pain is very common in pregnancy as pregnancy hormones relax your joints, ligaments and muscles. Your increasing weight will add to the problem, especially as it is natural to want to push your bump forwards which puts greater strain on your back. Walking, prolonged sitting or standing in one position may make your back pain worse.

How can I prevent it?

Try to use your body more efficiently. Stand up straight and tall, ensuring your chin isn't tilting upwards. Avoid standing for too long in one position. If your job involves standing for long periods, keep changing from one foot to the other, sit down when you can and take a walk at lunchtime. In bed, use plenty of pillows for support; keep your thighs parallel to prevent your top leg twisting across your body (recovery position). When getting out of bed, roll onto one side, push yourself up to a sitting position, then slowly stand up.

Don't carry heavy shopping - shop online instead, or ask a friend to help you. Avoid carrying a baby or toddler on one hip, as this puts great strain on the back. Ask for help with housework and chores, or hire a cleaner for a few months, if you can afford it. Wear comfortable shoes with broad supporting heels and adequate straps to prevent your feet from slipping about and twisting your ankles. Wear a well-fitting supportive maternity bra with wide straps and adequately sized cups, to avoid extra strain on your shoulders and rib cage.

At work, you could ask your employer for a lumbar support or an orthopaedic chair, and avoid crossing your legs. Check the position of your computer screen and mouse and adapt these if necessary; leave your desk regularly to move about and get some exercise and fresh air at lunchtime. When driving, make yourself comfortable – and then adjust your rear view mirror so that you do not need to move your head to an unnatural position to see out of the rear window.

Self-help suggestions


Gentle exercise, such as
walking and stretching, may relieve stiffness and pain. However, don't force yourself to keep walking if you experience pain. Take a rest, otherwise you may strain your ligaments further. Swimming can help too, but avoid breaststroke unless your face is completely in the water, so that your neck and spine are in a straight line. Yoga, tai chi or relaxation classes may be helpful, but always let the teacher know that you are pregnant.


Gentle massage can ease some backache, but the effects tend to be temporary. If your partner gives you a massage, don't let him massage deeply in the dimples either side of your lower spine, as there are acupuncture points here which can stimulate contractions. If you have sciatica, avoid massaging directly over the affected area until the true cause is known, as this can worsen the condition in some women.

Relaxing in a warm bath with essential oils of lavender, ylang ylang or marjoram (for muscle pain) may help. Lavender oil should be used only occasionally in the first trimester, as there is some evidence that it may stimulate contractions
(Cavanagh and Wilkinson 2002). Don't use more than two or three drops at a time.

Alternatively use a warm (but not hot) water bottle, or make a compress by adding two drops of each essential oil to warm water. Soak a cloth in this water and place it over the small of your back.

If the pain is made worse because of injury or strain, gently rub homeopathic arnica cream into the area. Other homeopathic remedies which can be useful include
nuxvomica. Try taking it in the 30c strength, if the pain is aching, dragging and bruise-like, but you have constipation and you are irritable and refuse to "give in" to the pain.

Sepia may work if you feel as if you have been "hit by a hammer", are run down, exhausted and feel worse when you are bending down or sitting, better if you walk about. If your symptoms do not improve after a few days, consult a registered qualified homeopath.

Herbal remedies
Herbal remedies which are popularly used to treat backache in non-pregnant patients, such as Devil’s claw, should be used with extreme caution as there is insufficient evidence regarding their safety in pregnancy
(Gagnier et al 2004; Ernst et al 2006).

Source: Baby Centre UK

Start Spending Smart on Eyeglasses for your Children

When I started wearing prescription eyeglasses for about 10 years ago, I never had lots of frame options for the affordable ones. It is always the cheap ones are those looking out of fashion with big frames. Surely, Zenni Optical was already around but didn't have any internet access during those times yet, if only, would have been so happy to buy any of their affordable option of high fashion prescription eyeglasses.

The nature of my profession makes it worse either, which stays in front of the computer all day long everyday, that I had to change them every year! Meaning, I've been spending a lot of money on changing my frames alone. However, on Zenni Optical I could actually buy at least 5 fashionable pairs for the price of one. Apparently, spending money sensibly doesn't always depend on buying the expensive ones, because glasses on Zenni Optical are not just on a very affordable prices, yet they are also of high quality and stylish prescription eyeglasses.

When it comes of buying one for my child, I would buy this one. Very stylish indeed, yet not so expensive. Thus, if you ever looking for affordable prescription
eyeglasses, Zenni Optical is the answer. Browse their website to see vast selection of glasses.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Am 28 Weeks Pregnant - This Is What My Baby Looks Like!

Not long to go now, in fact, I have now less than 90 days before I could see my little angel! I must admit that I am getting bigger and heavier for the past couple of weeks! Phew, it is also getting harder of moving my body especially at night times, when I go backwards and forwards to the toilet,... and MY BABY is moving a lot these days, now I can say that this is an advance prize of having him/her!....


It says that I'm in the home stretch now. The third trimester typically starts at week 29 and lasts until week 40 and sometimes even beyond. (Don't worry -- 42 weeks is the maximum! After that, a woman usually is induced to give birth.) Most women gain an average of 11 pounds/ 5 kilograms during this trimester.

By this week:

1) My baby weighs nearly 2.3 pounds/ a little over 1 kilograms and may measure 14.8 inches/ 38 centimetres from top to toe.

2) At about this time, my baby can open his eyes and turn his head in utero if he notices a continuous, bright light shining from the outside.

3) His fat layers are forming and his fingernails appear.

You're probably vacillating between feeling as if you've been pregnant forever and being nervous about
labour and birth. Checking off things on your to-do list can help. Start selecting possible baby names and begin thinking about life after the birth as well.

Source: Baby Centre UK

Excellent Satellite TV Packages Tailored to Your Needs

Early this year we bought a new 32" LCD TV with built-in digital TV tuner, allowing us to have free view channels at the same time, but only to limited local channels. Apparently, we didn't switch into a satellite TV straight away because we just wanted to enjoy the free channels this LCD TV had to offer. The trouble is, we always get signal problems from time to time, which led us to buy a signal booster, but unfortunately, it didn't want to work either!

Recently, we have really of thought of keying in to a DIRECT TV Satellite through Direct TV Arizona.
Though it would mean for us to pay extra every month, but it is truly worth in the end of allowing us to view almost all types of entertainment such as music, exclusive sports, our favorite movies, history, cooking, religion, etc.

Check Kaptain Satellite now to get the details about Free Equipment Packages it has to offer for the new customers. If you have recently thought of upgrading your home entertainment to a Satellite TV, Kaptain Satellite is the answer as they offer 100% digital programming and is also the leading provider of HD programming.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Great Baby Room Decorating

This is where I got some ideas of decorating our baby's room. I decided to post then here to share these with you all mum-to-be's like me! If you are about to welcome a new baby soon, you should be all geared up to decorate the special room. So plan your kid's room decoration with these easy and inexpensive baby room decorating ideas.

Start your kids bedroom décor with cosy bedding. It is suggested that you do not opt for crib bedding because it is not comfortable. Choose a big bed with easy to clean fabric so that it is easy to clean. Initially choose the "crib bib" to keep your baby's bed more hygienic and dry. These are pieces of stretchable fabric across the top of the crib so that your baby feels comfortable in it.When your baby spits up, you have to change the bib only instead of whole bed sheet. For the kid to move freely buy a sturdy "changing table" with easy strap. Stick colorful pictures and keep tiny toys above the changing sheet to divert baby while changing. You can also put a border around baby's bed to make it safe when the baby starts standing up.Before selecting the theme for baby's room try to use new concepts so that the child feels lively and cheerful. A good way to apply a theme is repeating each color, print and fabric for a more co-ordinated and balanced look. If you keep these simple ideas in mind for baby room décor, the room will simply look very interesting. It is very important to give the room a soothing feel for the baby to sleep well. For late night changes consider a dimmer on the light switch. Decorate the windows of the room with cartoon printed curtains that will also be helpful for baby's sleep in the morning hours. Keep some soft toys in room for your baby to cuddle and play with.If you suddenly get a new baby room decorating idea, try to implement it in the room. There are few more things that you need to do to keep your baby safe. To displaying special gifts and stuffed animals build a long, high shelf to ensure that they are out of the child's reach. It may not be safe for the kid to play with the gift items because some of them may have sharp edges and chances are there that some may have chemical elements harmful for the child.Put a bright colored bookshelf for keeping some picture books. Select some interesting focal point for the room so that the kid can look at it and feel amused. A colored mural is a great idea. A well designed playing space can also act as a focal point. Remember to make a store to save plenty of clothes and toys. Kids bedroom décor ideas are a never ending process. As days pass by, more and more ideas keep coming up. Using decorated hardware doors, cabinets and drawers for more attractiveness is another great idea.Keep electrical switches and cords out of the reach from your child. This is very important for the child's safety. Use gripe tiles on floor or use carpets so that the child does not slip and fall. Do not make storage space too high. Cover the window with grills for safety.I am sure these baby room decorating ideas can definitely help you to make your loved one's place lively and cute.

Book Your Dream Holiday At Accor Hotels Now!

Now that we are expecting our first baby, it is almost impossible for us to book for a holiday the fact that we are now on the process of completing all the baby's stuff, in preparation of his/her arrival. But somehow, my husband and I both realized that we need to go somewhere to relax, at least to welcome our baby with refreshed mind. We have really been looking for holiday deals that would let us enjoy and would save us money at the same time!I am so glad to find this out, about Accor Hotels holiday deals which saves us up to 60% when we book on-line between 23 - 29 June, for stays between July 10 and September 30, 2009! Wow, what a coincidence indeed. We do consider of going to Bali Indonesia sometime next month, and have searched for any hotels and have found this SOFITEL SEMINYAK BALI situated on the exclusive Seminyak Beach, the 128 room hotel is set amongst 4.5 hectares of tropical gardens. Along with two stunning pools, one right on the beach and another tucked into the garden area, the resort hotel offers 16 secluded spa villas, each boasting a private whirlpool or swimming pool.

Besides, Bali gives us the unequal paradise of relaxation and calmness which probably can't be seen in other places, and the flora and fauna is purely extraordinary.

Why not booking your dream holiday through Accor Hotels too.

Important Features To Consider When Buying A Pram or Stroller

Indeed, choosing the right set of wheels for baby is a task more consuming than most of us realize, and some would equate it to buying the family car. There are so many factors I need to weigh up in order to find what is best for me and for my baby. This is exactly the main reason why we haven't bought the pram yet, though I know it is still too early to buy but at least at this early stage I would what's the best for my baby!

How long to you want the pram to last you?
Many prams are designed to take you from birth to around 4 years (if you can keep them in the pram that long!).

  • If you are purchasing for a newborn, bear in mind that it whilst it doesn't need to recline flat, it does needs to recline 130 degrees from the horizontal to be suitable.
  • Are you considering changing to a lightweight stroller once your toddler is more active?
  • Looking further ahead, are you planning on using the same pram for future children?

How much can you afford to pay for your dream pram?
Can you afford the pram you want without having to mortgage the house? Or will a cheaper model with all the same features do the trick?

Do both parents / partners agree on the pram?
Remember, it has to suit both your parental needs and physiques. You may need to consider things such as:

  • The weight of the pram when lifting and fitting it into the back of the car or when having to carry it into the house or up stairs.
  • Does it have an adjustable handle to suit both your heights?
  • Do you need a physics degree to fold/collapse the pram? Or can it be easily and calmly achieved when you are pregnant, have a screaming toddler on the hip and your ice-cream melting in the car?

What activities will you be doing with the pram?

  • Exercising a lot? If you intend jogging, you will need to look at brands that are designed with this in mind so that both you and baby are safe and comfortable.
  • Heading to the beach often? You need to think about the wear and tear of sand and salt water on your wheel fittings and steel/chrome/aluminium surfaces if you want to keep the pram looking and working at its best (especially if selling it later is on the cards).
  • Going to the shops? Some 3-wheeler models have a wider wheel base which increases its stability for jogging or rough terrain, however, it can mean you are limited when it comes to fitting through the check-out at the supermarket or between aisles of crowded shops.

General points not to be overlooked

  • Does the pram fit into your car when folded, or will you need to buy a new car to fit it in (along with the groceries, the nappy bag, the toddlers' trike, the dog, etc)? Can the wheels be easily removed to accommodate fitting into tight spaces?
  • Is the pram easy to manoeuvre in general? Remember, the size and weight of the pram will be different to control when you have an 11 kilo toddler in there in a year or so.
  • Are the wheel locks sturdy and not easily disengaged?
  • Does the basket under the pram allow you the space you need - quick trip to the supermarket, out all day at the zoo - and is the access to the basket easy - extra zippers and wide openings so that you don't have to pull everything out to get to something at one end?
  • When walking into the sun, does the handle reverse so that your babies' delicate skin and eyes are protected? Or can you get a sun-protection cover to fit your pram?
  • Ensure your pram has a 5-point safety harness that is adjustable to accommodate your growing child.
  • Ensure your pram has one or more parking devices that limits the movement of the pram. The release mechanism must be located so that it is not easily accessible to a child when the child is properly restrained in the pram. The colour of the device used to activate the parking mechanism must be RED and surrounding framework must be a contrasting colour.
  • All prams and strollers must be sold with a suitable tether strap that allows the pusher of the pram to be tethered to it whilst in use. Check the Australian Standards for more information on legal lengths of the tether strap.
  • Does the hood offer a reasonable area of shade, and does it have a view window so that you can check on baby whilst you are pushing the pram from behind.
  • Does the pram have a removable bumper? These are not only a safety feature on some prams but also double as a convenient spot for the baby to hold onto as well as great for attaching entertaining baby toys to.
  • Are you wanting a pram that you can attach a toddler seat or a skateboard to as the family grows? (toddler seats are additional seats that attach to the pram to allow you to carry a toddler as well as a newborn, or two toddlers. A skateboard is a board on wheels that clips onto the back axle of the pram. An older child can stand on this, holding the back of the pram, whilst you push the whole ensemble from behind.
Source: Bubhub

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finding The Highest CD Rates For Your Investment

Finding the best CD rates has now become much easier than it used to. Usually, you need to go to your local bank to secure a Certificate of Deposit, but since your local branch didn't have much competition, you wouldn't always get the best CD rates.

The Internet has changed all of that. By doing a simple search online, you can find the high certificate of deposit rates, as well as attractive money market account rates. Sites like Monitor Bank Rates compare hundreds of the best CD rates,
allowing you to find highest CD rates than you would have.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Arrival Checklist, We're Getting Ready!!

Preparation for baby's arrival in terms of baby stuffs depend entirely up to you really, and also the country you're in contributes a lot to it as well. These items I am about to enumerate were never used to exist in my mind and or never practiced in the Philippines especially in the rural areas, practical methods in any way is always been the case.

Typical example is having baby's own nursery, complete with accessories and decorations. We never had our own room when we were little, we stayed with our parents' room, and without any fuss of buying musical mobiles, wall hangings, glow in the dark lights, a proper baby bath, baby monitor, etc... You know what I mean? Even toys when we were toddlers, we had almost to nothing!

Anyway, I'm in a different country with completely different principles and practices, with only limited family members to give the new parents' a hand to look after the babies. This is what it is, entertaining them as much as you can to be able to accomplish something, I should say.

Here's the list of items we are both busy of completing before our baby arrives (as of today 10 weeks before her arrival), at least for for the 1st three months:

1) 6-8 sleepsuits - done!
2) 6-8 bodysuits/vests -
3) 3-4 daywear outfits - done!
4) 2 x cardigans - still to buy!
5) 2-3 socks (pairs) -
6) 3 x baggies (pairs) - done!
8) 2 x hats - done!
9) jacke/pramsuit - still to buy!
10) shawl - my mum-in-law is busy knitting one

1) Moses basketor Crib - done, Alfie's old one!
2) Cor or Cotbed - still have to buy.
3) Nursery furniture - we already have, no need to buy.
4) Room thermometer - done!
5) Bedding for moses basket, cot or cotbed - not yet!
6) 2-3 bkankets - done!
8) 1-3 sleeping bags - done!

1) Baby bath - done, Alfie's old one!
2) Baby nail scissors - done!
3) Brush & comb set - done!
4) Non-slip bath mat - done!
5) Top 'n' tail bowl - not yet!
6) Bath thermometer - done!
8) Bath support - done!
9) Cuddle 'n' dry robe- not yet!
10) Change mat - done!
11) Baby toiletries - done!
12) Nappy pail/wrapper - unnecessary!

1) Cot mobile - done!
2) Bouncing cradle - done!
3) Playnest - done, given by my in-laws!
4) 2x soft raffles - not done!
5) 2x soft fabric books - not yet!
6) Cuddle toy - done, given by my in-laws!

For the travel system (a set of pushchair, pram, carrycot and accessories), we are going to buy within this month! I would always want to try to push it myself before buying. But I've seen one which I like (photo below)...

Have You Been Looking For The Best Web Hosting?

Finding the best webhosting provider can often be a nightmare because of the overloading information and companies out there to choose from. Like myself, I have been blogging for a year now and would really want to buy my own web hosting, but then I am still confused of what provider to get it from. Accordingly, different people have different principles and purposes to build a website and that is why the best hosting for me is not the best one for someone else.

With all the web hosting companies popping out, almost every one of them claims to be the best or the number one. But the question is, how do you know if you are indeed looking at the number one hosting company. Did you know that Web Hosting Geeks gives us the top 10 web hosting companies to choose from, which only cost under $10 a month? Here, you could find the top rated providers. Indeed, it is also important to check if the web host has won several awards. This way you'll know that the company has been acknowledged for something really outstanding.

That is why checking out
webhosting review sites is also very useful, so that you'll have an idea what other clients think of the services of these web hosting companies.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Been Busy Decorating Our Baby's Room

That's hubby re-painted our spare room from cream color to a SOFT LIME and YELLOW combination. Though we already have an idea of our baby's sex, but still we want to have a UNISEX or NEUTRAL color which is fair enough. We both really don't want to have a very PINKISH or BLUESH sort of colors.

Photo below is he sort of color combination we both wanted except, the WALL IS LIGHT GREEN in COLOR. While all the beddings and accessories would be more likely these colors, more on with YELLOW or CREAM touches! Will post some photographs soon after we finish decorating.

Isn't it very refreshing and relaxing color combination?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Planning To Buy New Sets of Furniture For Your Home?

First thing we always consider when buying a new home or even upgrading it for a change, is furniture. Whether a modern or a rustic furniture it doesn't matter for as long as you get the design and look you wanted in your living, bedroom and dining rooms.

I Am 25 Weeks Pregnant - This Is What My Baby Looks Like!

It is so wonderful to know that my baby is responsive to touch now, that I can have fun with her by trying to tickle his foot when he kicks you or by lying on your back and rolling from side to side, to see how he reacts. His eyelids open around now and his heart is beating so strongly, it may be heard with a stethoscope.

Can't really wait to see her.....

The baby now weighs nearly 1.5 pounds/ 660 grams and is approximately 13.5 inches/ 35 centimetres long from crown to heel. He makes breathing movements but has no air in his lungs yet. At 26 weeks, fetal brain scans show response to touch. If you shine a light on your abdomen, your baby will turn his head, which according to researchers, means his optic nerve is working.

At every
antenatal visit, your midwife or doctor will take your blood pressure and do tests on a sample of your urine. In this way, pregnancy-related conditions such as pre-eclampsia and diabetes can be detected and treated.

Your fingers, wrists and hands may be feeling
achy and numb. The carpal tunnel in the wrist is swollen, as are many other tissues in your body. Nerves that run through the tunnel end up pinched, creating pressure that manifests itself as shooting or burning pain. Wearing a brace may help; so will taking vitamin B6. Talk to your midwife or doctor about other ways to cope.

Find out about
natural remedies for numb or achy fingers.

Source: Baby Centre UK

Good Quality Outdoor Clothings and Materials @ LA Police Gear

It has been almost 5 months that my husband and I were sent home from work in Angola (diamond mining) due to recession. However, he is going back in a few weeks time and we'll be starting to buy sooner his working clothes and gadgets. Has already been looking around the net and glad to have found this LA Police Gear website.

This type of shorts, a 5.11 Tactical brand is the sort of style he's wearing at work, as well as couple pairs of socks and maybe a pair of leather boots. Have also seen different styles of sunglasses my husband would love to have. Apparently, 5.11 Tactical Series is knows for its durability, quality and value.

It such a very good timing because they offer FREE SHIPPING and FREE HAT when buying two clothing items, and FREE TRAVEL MUG if to buy over $125.

I am Experiencing Nosebleeds Recently (Nosebleeds During Pregnacy)

I was so alarmed of having my nose bleeding quite heavily, but hubby was just so relaxed trying to remind that it was quite normal during pregnancy. However, since it was quite heavy I could not help myself but to worry! In fact, I managed to sleep at almost 3am. This morning I have experienced exactly the same too... Therefore, I had to re-read articles again today, to ease my feelings and here's what I have confirmed myself. I would just like to share this to all my readers, this practical information.

Now the question is, is it common to get nosebleeds during pregnancy? Yes, nosebleeds do tend to occur more often during pregnancy. Pregnancy can cause the blood vessels in your nose to expand, and your increased blood supply puts more pressure on those delicate vessels, causing them to rupture more easily. Although it's unpleasant and inconvenient, an occasional minor nosebleed is generally harmless.

You're especially likely to get a nosebleed when you have a cold, sinus infection, or allergies, or when the membranes inside your nose dry out, as they do in cold weather, air-conditioned rooms, airline cabins, and other dry environments. Trauma and certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or a clotting disorder, may cause nosebleeds as well.

How can I stop a nosebleed?

When your nose starts to bleed, sit down, keep your head higher than your heart, and put pressure on the bleeding nostril for five to ten minutes. (Use a watch — it's longer than you think.)

Using your thumb and the side of your bent index finger, firmly pinch the whole soft lower part of your nose and exert pressure toward your face. Don't let up for a second — even if you're getting very curious to see if the bleeding has stopped — because that could interfere with the coagulation process.

Applying ice can help, too, because it constricts blood vessels. Hold a cold pack or a bag of frozen peas over your nose and cheeks with the hand that's not pinching your nostrils closed. Don't lie down or tilt your head back: You might end up swallowing blood, which could cause nausea or even vomiting.

If the bleeding hasn't stopped after ten minutes of pressure and ice, continue for another ten minutes as long as you're not bleeding heavily. Consult your healthcare practitioner if the bleeding doesn't stop after 20 minutes of pressure.

You'll need a medical evaluation if you get a nosebleed following a head injury, even if you only have minor bleeding. Let your practitioner know if you have frequent nosebleeds so she can rule out underlying problems.

Can I do anything to avoid getting a nosebleed?

• Drink extra fluids to help keep all of your mucous membranes well hydrated.
• Blow your nose gently. Aggressive blowing can lead to nosebleeds.
• Try to keep your mouth open when you sneeze.
• Avoid dry air, especially in wintertime or in dry climates, by running a humidifier inside your house and not overheating your bedroom. Also stay away from irritants like smoke, which you should be avoiding anyway.
• Use a lubricant to prevent nasal dryness. Some experts recommend petroleum jelly. Others suggest a special water-based nasal lubricant that is available over the counter at pharmacies. Saline nasal sprays or drops can help, too.
• Don't overuse medicated nasal sprays or decongestants. They can dry out and further irritate your nose.

Saving Money Using Restaurant Vouchers

Due to the credit crunch, our economic situation and soon to be an expanding family, we are trying to save up money by not dining out very often. I must admit that we used to go out and eat out at the restaurant before I got pregnant, however, it is now impractical for both of us to do it regularly. In fact, I am not on my last trimester on pregnancy and been busy preparing for her arrival, therefore, dining out is becoming so unimaginable.

But apparently, VoucherSeeker makes eating out in restaurants possible and saving money at the same time! Check out now to get vouchers on your favourite restaurants now!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Am 24 Weeks Pregnant - This Is What My Baby Looks Like!

Not too long to go, this is now my last trimester of pregnancy and can't really wait to go! I've now been experiencing difficulties since about 3 weeks ago, and my feet and hands have now started to swell... I've really got huge baby bump, still wondering if I am having twins at all LOL though it has been confirmed to have only one baby inside.

The following are the facts about my baby:

Your fetus weighs more than 1.3 pounds/ 600 grams. Though she still has little body fat and her skin is thin and fragile, she's now well-proportioned. Her brain is growing rapidly, and she is starting to fill the space in your uterus. From crown to heel she could measure 11.8 inches/ 30 centimetres. If you went into labour at this time, however, many obstetricians and midwives would make every effort to halt the progress of premature labour to enable your baby to continue maturing.

You may be noticing faint, red or brown streaks known as striae or
stretch marks on your abdomen, hips and breasts. While creams won't erase them, wearing a supportive bra may help prevent or minimise them on your breasts. They are very common at this stage of the pregnancy -- about 90 per cent of women get them. After you've given birth, the reddish or brown pigmentation in the stretch marks gradually fades, and the streaks become lighter than the surrounding skin.

Also, your eyes may be light-sensitive and may feel gritty and dry. This is a perfectly normal pregnancy symptom known as 'dry-eye'. To ease your discomfort, use an "artificial tears" solution to add moisture.

Source: Baby Centre UK