Monday, June 15, 2009

Been Busy Decorating Our Baby's Room

That's hubby re-painted our spare room from cream color to a SOFT LIME and YELLOW combination. Though we already have an idea of our baby's sex, but still we want to have a UNISEX or NEUTRAL color which is fair enough. We both really don't want to have a very PINKISH or BLUESH sort of colors.

Photo below is he sort of color combination we both wanted except, the WALL IS LIGHT GREEN in COLOR. While all the beddings and accessories would be more likely these colors, more on with YELLOW or CREAM touches! Will post some photographs soon after we finish decorating.

Isn't it very refreshing and relaxing color combination?


zuveena said...

whew!!! ang nice nman ng baby's room nyo..kakainggit parang gusto ko tuloy mag asawa na at magka anak hahahhaha...just kidding..nice page...congrats..hope d baby is as healthy and bibo...very nice bluesh na pinkish with the touch of greenish pa san ka pa diba? whew!!! heheeh

Dhemz said...

wow....great selection the color combo..can't wait to see the sure bonggacious jud ang room ni baby ganda...:)

Melissa said...

that is going to look really nice!
I love the light green walls.

Congratulations on your pregnancy.
How exciting!

I just had a baby in January.

Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

tu esposo está bien bueno