Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Arrival Checklist, We're Getting Ready!!

Preparation for baby's arrival in terms of baby stuffs depend entirely up to you really, and also the country you're in contributes a lot to it as well. These items I am about to enumerate were never used to exist in my mind and or never practiced in the Philippines especially in the rural areas, practical methods in any way is always been the case.

Typical example is having baby's own nursery, complete with accessories and decorations. We never had our own room when we were little, we stayed with our parents' room, and without any fuss of buying musical mobiles, wall hangings, glow in the dark lights, a proper baby bath, baby monitor, etc... You know what I mean? Even toys when we were toddlers, we had almost to nothing!

Anyway, I'm in a different country with completely different principles and practices, with only limited family members to give the new parents' a hand to look after the babies. This is what it is, entertaining them as much as you can to be able to accomplish something, I should say.

Here's the list of items we are both busy of completing before our baby arrives (as of today 10 weeks before her arrival), at least for for the 1st three months:

1) 6-8 sleepsuits - done!
2) 6-8 bodysuits/vests -
3) 3-4 daywear outfits - done!
4) 2 x cardigans - still to buy!
5) 2-3 socks (pairs) -
6) 3 x baggies (pairs) - done!
8) 2 x hats - done!
9) jacke/pramsuit - still to buy!
10) shawl - my mum-in-law is busy knitting one

1) Moses basketor Crib - done, Alfie's old one!
2) Cor or Cotbed - still have to buy.
3) Nursery furniture - we already have, no need to buy.
4) Room thermometer - done!
5) Bedding for moses basket, cot or cotbed - not yet!
6) 2-3 bkankets - done!
8) 1-3 sleeping bags - done!

1) Baby bath - done, Alfie's old one!
2) Baby nail scissors - done!
3) Brush & comb set - done!
4) Non-slip bath mat - done!
5) Top 'n' tail bowl - not yet!
6) Bath thermometer - done!
8) Bath support - done!
9) Cuddle 'n' dry robe- not yet!
10) Change mat - done!
11) Baby toiletries - done!
12) Nappy pail/wrapper - unnecessary!

1) Cot mobile - done!
2) Bouncing cradle - done!
3) Playnest - done, given by my in-laws!
4) 2x soft raffles - not done!
5) 2x soft fabric books - not yet!
6) Cuddle toy - done, given by my in-laws!

For the travel system (a set of pushchair, pram, carrycot and accessories), we are going to buy within this month! I would always want to try to push it myself before buying. But I've seen one which I like (photo below)...


Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

wow, ready na jud kaau mo te bah, as in.... im am so excited na sa paggawas ni baby and i am sure mas excited na mo kaau..Love the baby stuffs here kacute

Workplace On The Web said...

oh the baby has a bunch of stuff huh? congrats in advance del.


amiable amy said...

OMG! Can't wait to see your baby and the room.... are sooo ready.

amiable amy said...

By the way, added this blog too in my third blog. Paki add pud ko ha? Salamat.

Cacai M. said...

Those are cutie cute cute stuffs Dhangz! And you're such a very organized mommy! and it's great!

muahhhh! Am excited to see of your baby!


Dhemz said...

oh my gosh...dangz, grabi man sad ka bongga woi...hehehe..ready na man diay jud kaayo mo...wala diay mo mag baby shower? kami amo halos gamit kay from baby shower man to...nindot man jud kung mag baby shower para sa kunti ra gastos...woi nakay nalimtan ata...diapers and wipes....hehehhehe! am so excited for you guys....congrats again!

Maus said...

hi madz,,
parang 1/4 pa lng prepare ko dito sa list mo hehe...
aside from wala akong big ideas to prepare the things for the babies,,,super mahal pa ng mga items
but slow by slow kami namimili..

日月神教-任我行 said...