Thursday, July 23, 2009

Human Touch Massage Chairs for Healthy Living

Being 30 weeks pregnant, back pains have becoming a daily recurrence. I am aware that back pain is very common in pregnancy as pregnancy hormones relax joints, ligaments and muscles and the increasing weight also adds to the problem, especially as it is natural to push our bumps forwards which puts greater strain on our back. It has really never been easy for me to deal with back pains from the first time I'd experienced it, until I realized to do some exercise to help.

In fact, in some stage my husband and I have thought of buying a massage chair or anything that can help to ease the pains. Massage Chairs apparently are good in providing back pain relief and combine high-tech massage technology and undeniable style.

The Human Touch massage chair technology closely mimics known therapeutic massage techniques used by spinal and back care professionals. These techniques include:
  • Compression that feels like hands pushing firmly on your muscles along the side of your spine and in towards the spine itself.
  • Kneading, this mimics the feel of thumbs pressing firmly on both sides of your spine while moving in circular motions
  • Rolling which is the gentle motion of pressing firmly on one side of the spine and then the other.
  • Percussion feels like fists or the edge of the hands quickly tapping on back muscles.

Another great thing about a Human Touch massage chair, is that it really is a whole body experience. Not only does your back get massaged, but your calves and feet as well.