Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Baby's House Bank (Piggy Bank)

House version of Piggy bank for my baby, and we have been putting coins for about 2 months now! I'm sure when my baby comes out, he'll/she'll be richer than mommy lol... It's half full already, could be a total of at least £50!... a lot of money huh!!.. and will be deposited on his/her future bank account.

By the way, he'll/she'll also get £190 cash and it'll be given on my 25th week (from the government), this is to make sure mums can buy all the basics baby needs when he/she comes out. Plus a voucher of £250 for a bank savings account, and will only be touched when he or she reaches 18 years of age! So our job would be to deposit money for 17 years, uuummm I bet the money would be plenty enough to buy his/her first car!!

It feels so amazing, indeed!!!


vhingF said...

hug&kisses sa baby ...hello..to mommy&daddy....

what a nice plan to a lucky baby....keep going and keep it up!...


Lynn said...

ana jud gawas ana sis, datu pa si bb kay mommy. hehe.

ka nice sa govt diha na kay naa jud para sa bb. ana pud unta diri. wish ko lang. haha.

Dhemz said...

wow! is that so...that's a good investment for her/his college fund...grabi jud ni si Mommy kay maayo kaayo mo dala sa money....hehehe!

Am sure she/he will be one of the lucky baby in the world...bless with loving parents...:)

grabi dangz half full naman jud....pwede apilan ning akong piggy bank ug sulod? hehehhe!

Si Akesha naa sad iya..everyday tagaan namo sya ug coins to drop in her train bank..na intawon murag layo pa jud kaayo ni mapuno kay taas pa man sa iya ang iyang lugian...hehehe....:) you should get this kind dangz...while waiting for the baby to come out..that time pag labas na niya...puno na...hehehhe! check this out... http://www.lioneltv.com/?cid=460156

mao na sya ang lugian ni Akesha....hehehhe!

great job Dangz...love that coin bank...:)

Tita Beng said...

You are fortunate to be located in London(?) and not in the Philippines!
Your baby I think, is more fortunate. he he..

Beng said...

swerte ni baby! hay...sana worldwide ganyan noh!